Thanks, Clif Bar!

Thank you, Clif Bar Family Foundation, for your continued support of Trees That Feed Foundation! TTFF recently received a grant from Clif Bar Family Foundation to continue providing food-bearing trees and Factory-in-a-Box equipment to reduce hunger, create jobs and benefit the environment. We are excited to continue this important work in tropical areas where it is needed most. Stay tuned for updates!

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Trees for Women in Duchene

Jeremie Breadfruit, a partner of TTFF’s, distributed trees this week to a women’s group in Duchene, Haiti. We love working with local suppliers to support the local economy. Thanks to our generous TTFF supporters for providing these fruit trees!

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Come visit Trees That Feed Foundation at Northbrook’s Earth Day Celebration betweem 9:00am – 12:00pm. The whole family can learn about trees and caring for our one and only planet!   Stay tuned for Earth Day in 2018

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Update from Smallholder Farmers Alliance

TTFF partners with Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) in Gonaives, Haiti. The first TTFF breadfruit trees planted through this partnership in 2014 are bearing fruit! Here is a photo of Jules Marcelus, SFA member and farmer, caring for his breadfruit tree. He is preparing to harvest and will use some of his fruit to feed his family and the rest to sell in the public market. Jules is planning to use his earnings from the breadfruit trees to pay for his kids’ schooling.

Here is photo of Jean Robert Florvil’s, another SFA member, breadfruit tree. Jean Robert lives in the Morancy community in Gonaives. He received three breadfruit trees from TTFF in 2014 and the trees are flourishing! Jean Robert says that he sees the trees as a way to feed his family and secure a better life. He cares for his trees tremendously well. Currently he can sell 12 breadfruits for approximately $8 USD. Jean Robert hopes to earn about $200 USD in income in just one harvest season, which will help him emerge above the poverty line.

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Mill Demonstration

Here is Pierre Moise of Jeremie Breadfruit demonstrating the use of a mill he received from Trees That Feed last year. Jeremie Breadfruit has been producing breadfruit flour for approximately four years in Haiti. Trees That Feed partners with Jeremie Breadfruit to provide locally-produced breadfruit flour for feeding programs in Haitian schools, orphanages and hospitals.

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Charlotin’s New Video

We are very proud of Haitian entrepreneur Charlotin Frednaud, head of Groupe D’Appui a la Production Locale (GAPL). Check out his business’ new video below! Charlotin approached Trees That Feed Foundation in 2016 for support in starting his own breadfruit flour production business. In a matter of months, he set up GAPL. Once he received processing equipment and training, thanks to TTFF’s generous supporters, he started producing at an impressive pace. To date, he has produced over a half ton of breadfruit flour and is supplying flour to 15 schools and hospitals in NE Haiti. We are excited to continue to watch Charlotin’s business grow!

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Another Exciting Year for Trees That Feed!

TTFF 2016 Annual Report

We are excited to share Trees That Feed Foundation’s 2016 Annual Report. 2016 was a big year for us! Thanks to all of TTFF’s partners and supporters. To date, TTFF has distributed over 120,000 food-bearing trees, 22 kits of food processing equipment and 12,000 pounds of breadfruit flour. We have reached hundreds of thousands of individuals across eleven countries since our first tree distribution in 2009.

Perhaps the most rewarding experience of 2016 was reaching the point at which the sustaining nature of our work hit full circle. Some of our initial 2009 tree recipients are now overseeing their own entrepreneurial tree nurseries, supplying food-bearing trees to TTFF’s new generation of recipients. Other entrepreneurs are processing their own breadfruit for distribution to local schools. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see these small businesses pop up that will simultaneously foster food independence, local jobs and environmental benefits! This is what TTFF is all about.

As we look to the rest of 2017, TTFF will continue to provide trees and equipment, but will also heavily focus on education. We will be holding even more training for farmers and entrepreneurs, and will be working more closely with schools and families to support environmental education for children. We are excited for what is to come!

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Breadfruit in Bahamian Schools

Bahamas Forest Supervisor Wavell Hanna and Assistant Forestry Officer Amanda Newbold recently gave a series of presentations to Bahamian students about the importance of forests and trees. Amanda and Wavell visited four schools on South Andros and Mangrove Cay. After learning about trees and wetlands, students planted TTFF breadfruit trees!


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iSupport Club and Trees That Feed

Trees That Feed Foundation visited a local Inside Out Club over the weekend to talk about the benefits of trees. As you can see, our little environmentalist participants couldn’t have been cuter! We rotated stations during the event to learn about geography, food-bearing trees, tree care and current environmental challenges.

Inside Out Club works to develop kids with character inside and out. Thanks to all of the families who joined the event. It was a great day spent learning together.


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Ascension’s 2017 Children’s Lenten Project

Trees That Feed is excited to be partnering with Ascension Catholic Church in Oak Park, IL for their 2017 Children’s Lenten Project! Throughout Lent, Ascension’s families and students will be reducing their carbon footprint and learning about ways in which we can preserve our environment. They will also be raising funds to send trees and meals to families and students in Haiti. Ascension’s goal is to provide about 450 trees and 10,000 meals – we have no doubt that they can do it! Stay tuned for updates.

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