Trees That Feed Foundation


In order to create long-lasting stability in a community, you need to build the community from within. We are helping entrepreneurs receive trainings and assist in networking to create businesses that provide nutritious food while supporting local economy.

Teach a man to fish

The old saying goes, give a man a fish, and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. We believe in that mantra. So at TTFF we work with our tree recipients to help them start their own businesses using breadfruit. This ensures that we are providing people with long-term stability, instead of momentary relief. We hope to help many new entrepreneurs get on their feet with their new businesses so that they can build sustainable locally grown industry. This ensures that local economies are run by citizens, for citizens.

We hold in-country “summit meetings” where we can provide knowledge as well as networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. These meetings bring together new business leaders, farmers, experts in tree propagating, fruit tree pruning, and more.

We continue to support our entrepreneurs and new business owners until they are on their feet and no longer need our help! Follow their stories in our Latest News or stay up to date by subscribing to our monthly e-mail blast!

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Pierre-Moise Louis, who owns Jeremie Breadfruit Flour and Nursery in Haiti (shown at top of page), with TTFF co-founder Mike McLaughlin