Trees That Feed Foundation


In 2018 we worked with GRACE mission in Tanzania to send 100 breadfruit trees from Kenya to Tanzania, and they have now begun fruiting.

First fruit from breadfruit trees in Tanzania!

We were then introduced to Women Against Poverty through our friend Susan who has been a great volunteer for TTFF.

Woman with breadfruit flour at Women Against Poverty

Women Against Poverty wanted to make flour using breadfruit and went to Zanzibar to buy breadfruit to bring back home to dry and turn into flour. We connected with Jamaican consulate Betty Delfosse, a restauranteur.

Jamaican consulate, Betty Delfosse

She worked with us to send a flour mill to Women Against Poverty so that they could begin making their own flour, and are now selling the flour in both Tanzania and Kenya.

Breadfruit flour packaged to be sold and distributed

The flour is being sent to hospitals to provide nutrition to disabled children and children struggling with cancer. The flour is also being sold to feeding programs in Nairobi.

Flour mill at Women Against Poverty

We look forward to continue seeing Women Against Poverty succeed in Tanzania, and seeing more breadfruit trees fruiting!