Trees That Feed Foundation


The Bahamian government is taking an interest in sustainability in the hopes of protecting its people from food insecurity and climate change. Trees that Feed started working with the government’s Department of Forestry to help achieve their goal in 2016 when we sent our first shipment of 250 Jamaican-grown yellow heart breadfruit saplings. We have now sent 8 shipments to Abaco, Andros, Nassau, Eleuthera, and Freeport. And of course, we are in close touch with all of our growers in the Bahamas. 

Member of Parliament Iram Lewis

In October of 2021 we sent a shipment of 1,000 breadfruit trees with the help of a whole crew of people including Olympian and Member of Parliament Iram Lewis. You can learn all about this successful endeavor here!

In August of 2022 we sent another 720 breadfruit trees to the Department of Agriculture. Read about the many volunteers responsible for this fantastic effort here.

In March of 2023 we sent another 360 breadfruit trees to the Bahamas. And in May, the First Lady of the Bahamas, Ann Marie Davis, presented 50 of them in honor of the 50th Independence Day of the country to George Johnson, who lost his farm in Hurricane Dorian. Read about that here.

Sissel & George Johnson, First Lady Ann Marie Davis, and Permanent Secretary Melvin Seymour

Also in May, Iram Lewis addressed Parliament, speaking about Trees That Feed Foundation and the great need for our work. See the video here.

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