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Breadfruit, A Superfood

A Haitian girl with delicious, nutritious breadfruit konparets
Breadfruit flour

A breadfruit a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe that’s how the saying should go!

Breadfruit helps build strong bones, healthy eyes, and good blood.  It also reduces blood pressure.

Breadfruit is sometimes called the tree potato for its potato-like consistency when cooked.  But it has higher-quality protein and is much more nutrient-rich.

It is an ideal substitute for wheat flour and rice too.  It is even gluten-free.

Click here to see a nutritional comparison of breadfruit to potatoes and rice. It was created by our friend Dr. Diane Ragone at the Breadfruit Institute of the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Click here to see A User’s Guide to Breadfruit Flour.

Scroll down for more information on breadfruit, all based on scientific research.

Scientific Proof

A report published in the Journal of Global Health Reports called Addressing Malnutrition and Food Insecurity with Breadfruit in Rural, Developing Country: A Case Study and Lessons Learned in Thomassique, Haiti, confirms that breadfruit has high levels of essential nutrients.

It says that 100 grams of breadfruit provides 25% of the recommended daily allowance for fiber, and 5-10% for protein, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, thiamine (B1), and niacin (B3), in addition to other nutrients.

The aforementioned case study documents a project done in collaboration with Trees That Feed Foundation.

You can find other interesting scientific papers written on the nutritional benefits of breadfruit, including heart health and much more, here.