Trees That Feed Foundation

Planting Trees

We work with our tissue growers to distribute trees to people in the regions we work. We make sure there are people to get a permit, receive the trees, care for the trees upon arrival, and plant the trees in their final destination. To request a tree, fill out our Tree Request Form!

The core of our mission revolves around planting fruit trees. Planting fruit trees mitigates carbon emissions, hunger, provides a tool for education, and creates job opportunities for economic stability. Anyone can apply for tree donations through our Tree Request Form. However, we want to ensure you will be able to successfully maintain the donated trees, so you will need to answer all of the questions asked. We will follow-up through email, ask any missing question, and let you know if you qualify for tree donations. Our most commonly distributed tree is the breadfruit, but we have provided many other kinds of food-bearing trees, including  mango, avocado, cashew, fig, guava, pomegranate and more. The choice depends on local growing conditions.

$15.00 covers the costs of providing a food-bearing tree that will feed a family for decades. Donate here if you can.

After donating trees, we train the farmers in long-term tree care and operating a small business. We also carefully monitor the trees to help ensure survival to fruiting maturity.