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Breadfruit Products

Producers of breadfruit products are another type of entrepreneur we support.

Traditionally, breadfruit has been eaten fresh, prepared according to local customs.  Now, unique breadfruit-based foods are hitting shelves and websites, as well as menus and kitchen tables. New products are popping up in various countries.

Why does this excite us so much? Higher demand for breadfruit means more trees planted and more income for growers and entrepreneurs.

From pancakes, chips, and pickles, to gnocchi, taco shells and pizza crusts, breadfruit products are as versatile as they are nutritious and delicious.

Breadfruit flour can be purchased online from Shavuot in Jamaica, as well as Resilient Roots Hawaii and  Hawaii Ulu Cooperative. You can also find some on Amazon from Aunt Delcie Spices, Zest of Moringa, and Prima Pure. You can even get Amasar’s All Purpose Breadfruit Baking Mix at Target!

Below are a few other breadfruit products available online.

  • Made in Jamaica: Jus Chill’s breadfruit chips
  • Out of Puerto Rico: Amasar’s award-winning Breadfruit Pancake and Waffle Mix
  • Made in Barbados: Ulu Foods’ highly addictive breadfruit crackers
  • From the U.S. Virgin Islands: Mutiny Island Vodka, another award-winner

You can find a more extensive list of who is doing what with breadfruit in several countries here.

TTFF’s co-founder Mary McLaughlin has been experimenting in her own kitchen with Haitian konparets like those sold in our Women’s Empowerment Program. Below is the recipe. Let us know if you try it!

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