TTFF Hero: Timote Georges

Timote Georges is an agronomist, and Co-founder and Country Director for Haiti, with Smallholder Farmers Alliance.

Born in Haiti in 1978, Timote Georges grew up on a farm. He studied agronomy at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, because he wanted to provide support to farmers like his father who worked hard but had no technology to help them. Timote has worked on geoengineering (carbon sequestration), literacy, and alleviating socio-economic deprivation. Since 2008 he’s been concentrating on the developmental community level in Haiti with environmental rehabilitation and resource management.

Timote GeorgesIn 2010 Timote cofounded Smallholder Farmers Alliance, which is a grass-roots organization dedicated to restoring tree cover and improving out-of-date farming techniques in Haiti. Today SFA boasts over 2,000 members, some of whom have increased crop yields by as much as 50%. They have created 8 tree nurseries, planted 2.2 million trees, and created agroforestry cooperatives. SFA became an independent NGO in 2012 and began working with the Clinton Foundation to expand cooperatives in Haiti.

Timote lives with his wife and son and works tirelessly to get things done. Thank you, Timote, for caring so deeply and making such a difference for so many!

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Trees That Feed Heroes: Lise Bouffard

Lise Bouffard photo of Dawn Samuels showing a cherry treeLise Bouffard is a volunteer who is helping us to plant trees in rural Manchester Jamaica. Yesterday she sent us a photo of Dawn beside the cherry tree that is growing on her little piece of land. Since the death of her husband, Dawn started her backyard garden and is a perfect example of what everybody around her should do: “grow what we eat and eat what we grow.”


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Mary McLaughlin Trailblazer Award

2016-05-19 08.26.57

Mary was honored by her high school classmates with the St Andrews High School “Trailblazer” award, recognizing her pioneering work in founding an international organization for feeding people and benefiting the environment!  This important ceremony is held every 5 years.

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Breadfruit Flour Recipes–Macaroons

MacaroonsWatch this 2 minute video for a tasty recipe for Breadfruit Macaroons! Starring Susan Kissel, produced by Monica Fox.   Thanks ladies!  One more tasty recipe based on breadfruit flour, for all to enjoy! And watch this space for more recipes to come!

Breadfruit Macaroons, by Susan Kissel



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Small Businesses give back to Trees That Feed

Steve Shannon Urns

Illinois artisan, Steve Shannon, creates beautiful handmade memorial urns.  Each urn is created out of segmenting multiple pieces of natural woods together to form a one-of-a-kind item.  This small business has supported TTFF from its inception.  For each urn sold, they donate enough to plant a tree.


Steep for the Trees

Steep For The Trees is fledgling tea company that sources their teas from around the world.  John and Melisse, the principals, are passionate about teas and the environment.   The teas are spectacular and sourced in an environmentally conscious.  The teas are really so good and full of the freshest flavors. Their monthly newsletter is filled with fun facts on teas, we recommend that you sign up as these are a good read.  Each quarter they donate generously to TTFF.


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Breadfruit Flour Factory, Jeremie, Haiti

This is the Jeremie, Haiti, breadfruit factory under construction.  It may not be as large as Trump Tower, but it’s equally impressive to us!  Pierre-moise Louis and Renel Pierre are

Jeremie Breadfruit Factory

Jeremie Breadfruit Factory

our two heroes.  Bright young entrepreneurs, they produce over 400 pounds of breadfruit flour monthly, and distribute it to six locations, schools, churches and hospitals.

Trees That Feed Foundation could not be more proud of these young men.  They have already started to outgrow their current location and equipment.  Several donors have requested that their contributions go toward this very worthwhile work.

Very young farmer

Very young farmer with breadfruit tree

TTFF is tracking the donations and now selecting the right equipment to provide.

They also have a tree nursery and they supply fruit trees, breadfruit and many other varieties, to folks in the region surrounding Jeremie.

Congratulations, gentlemen!

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Wonderen Foods is Rolling!

Wonderen Press Release 2016

French Fries (2)Read all about Juan Carlos Rodriguez and his breadfruit factory!  There’s an exciting future for this bright young man. Just as one example of what he’s doing, here’s a photo of his breadfruit French fries. Gluten free, too!

Kickstarter campaign begins January 25. The press release gives instructions how to contribute to this very worthwhile project.

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The Man Who Planted Trees

Watch this brief video.  It’s a captivating 30 minute story about a man who planted trees, as the title says.  The narrator describes the beneficial impact over a period of years.  This video had a deep impact on our founder, Mary McLaughlin.  She was overwhelmed after watching it for the first time, over 10 years ago.  She resolved to follow in his footsteps.  TTFF was founded in 2008, to follow the example of one person who changed the world.   Now, we’re well over 80,000 trees planted.  Fruit trees.  Mostly breadfruit. Fortunately we can move a bit faster than he did a century ago.



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Haitian Farmers Complete Successful Agronomy Training in Jamaica

Air layering

Air layering

Trees That Feed Foundation received a generous grant from Conservation, Food & Health Foundation, to fund a training trip for Haitian farmers and agronomists to travel to Jamaica, to learn techniques in fruit tree propagation, planting and care.  The trip took place between November 1 and 11, 2015.

Training topics covered included root culture, stem culture, grafting, air layering, orchard layout, pruning, and processing of fruit into


Haitian farmers at Hope Gardens nursery for training

Haitian farmers at Hope Gardens nursery for training


salable post-harvest products.  Based on participant feedback the training trip was very successful.

Training was led by Dr Seymour Webster, lecturer at CASE, with strong support from Mr Alfred McLean, Joseph Johnson, Zavier Gray, Keith Thomas, Locksley Waites and Cynthia and Trevor Willis.

TTFF believes that this kind of assistance, “teach a man to fish,” is superior to typical 

Orchard Layout

Orchard Layout

efforts of providing excess unwanted food and other products from developed countries.  Each participant in the training is expected to return to their organization and pass on the knowledge they’ve gained.


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Trees That Feed Heroes: Mr. Guy Paraison

Guy2Guy Paraison is a natural partner for Trees That Feed Foundation. A champion for the people and the environment, Guy was one of the first to receive TTFF trees in Haiti. He has worked for Plant With Purpose Haiti for 17 years and is currently their Country Director. Plant With Purpose is a development organization that works to transform lives in rural areas where poverty and environmental degradation intersect. They equip farming families to improve their circumstances with tools, training in sustainable techniques, and trees.

Guy studied at ENST and has degrees in administration, management, and accounting. He speaks four languages: Creole, French, English, and Spanish. Born and raised in Haiti, he currently lives in a suburb of Port-Au-Prince with his wife Mika and son Guy Mike.

In the poorest country in the western hemisphere, with one of the world’s highest rates of deforestation, Guy Paraison and Trees That Feed Foundation are working together to reforest and make agriculture viable again. So far we have delivered and planted close to 1,000 trees together and are looking forward to accomplishing much more throughout the coming year!

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