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BBC Reports on Benefits of Breadfruit

This week Trees That Feed and others in the breadfruit world made BBC Travel in this article!

Co-founder Mary McLaughlin was quoted in the piece, which touts the nutritional, economical, and environmental benefits of breadfruit.

“This tree is hearty, the food it produces is nutritious, and it is climate friendly,” Mary said. “Breadfruit can reduce the country’s dependence on expensive imported foods and lead to sustainable economic development.”

Report by Susan B. Clark (Photo credit: Mike Goldwater/Alamy)

TTFF partner Karlene Johnson of Something Country bakery in St. Catherine Parish was also featured. She makes hearty, nutrient-rich bullas, breadfruit flour-based buns that we devour every time we are in Jamaica. TTFF donates them to local schoolchildren who request them time and again!

Friend of TTFF Caroline de Lisser also received recognition of her culinary treats made with breadfruit flour. The article includes the recipe for a scrumptious (breadfruit) carrot cake. To whip it up in your own kitchen, you can purchase breadfruit flour online.

Every media hit brings us closer to our dream of a world that recognizes the value of breadfruit. More trees will be planted, more people will be employed in the breadfruit industry, more families will have access to nutritious food, and the environment will improve.

We have come far and spread the word widely, but we still have work to do. Thank YOU for telling your friends about breadfruit. And thanks to Susan B. Clark and BBC Travel for shining a light on it too!

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