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Requesting Your Advice

We’re always trying to improve our website. We try to stay up to date, and we want it to be easy to use. But we could use some advice. Give us your feedback. How can we improve our website?

We have a few specific questions below, but feel free to add any advice you have.  Your opinions are valuable! We’ll take all comments seriously.

Spend a few minutes on our website. Then send us your comments through our Contact Us link, or send us an email.

Regarding our website …

  • Is our mission clear?  Is it easy to understand our programs and how they integrate?
  • Does the site look professional? How could it improve?
  • Can you find information easily? Logical navigation? So for example can you find details on our solar dryer? Or find the latest academic papers on breadfruit?
  • What type of content are we missing? Or, maybe we have too much!?

Any other suggestions?

We will eagerly await your feedback. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Requesting Your Advice

  1. I am very pleased to know of your efforts to promote trees for feeding people in many countries.
    Since you are based in Illinois I suggest many more trees including native Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) could be added to the landscape with minimal effort. Greater awareness of nuts and other benefits could bring long term results locally. Reference below.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comments. We are based in Illinois but nearly all our work is in tropical countries where poverty and malnutrition issues are hardest to address. We do plant cashew trees where the microclimate is suitable.

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