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Get a Taste of the Tropics

Breadfruit flour from Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii delivered to your door!

Now you don’t have to be in the tropics to eat like you are. Breadfruit flour is available online!

One way that Trees That Feed Foundation supports entrepreneurs is by purchasing breadfruit flour from small processors in Haiti and donating it to schools and orphanages there.

One way YOU can support agribusiness owners, such as processors and farmers, is by purchasing breadfruit flour online and using it in your kitchen.

In Puerto Rico, Amasar makes award-winning products with breadfruit! (

For those who do purchase flour, there are several recipes on TTFF’s website.

In blustery Chicagoland, TTFF co-founder Mary McLaughlin has whipped up the remedy to winter doldrums. It’s Breadfruit Sunshine Bars! This breakfast or snack is made with breadfruit flour and features dried fruit like mango and coconut.

Here is Mary’s demonstration video. (Comments on YouTube are welcome!) And here’s the recipe.

Take the first step: Google breadfruit flour. You will find that it is more expensive than other flour. But TTFF is working to build the market, and with volume the price will come down.

Your purchase of breadfruit flour will improve the breadfruit industry!

To help even more, you can spread the word. Post your creations on Facebook or Instagram and tag Trees That Feed.

TTFF appreciates every way in which so many of you support this work. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Get a Taste of the Tropics

      1. Hi Michael,
        Bought 2 bread fruits from an Asian store yesterday. Made an Indian recipe(curried breadfruit). Quite tasty and nutritious.
        Please let me know how to order breadfruit flour, which I can add to my cooking.

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