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Jamaica Travel Report

TTFF Co-founders Mike and Mary McLaughlin examining one of the first breadfruit trees they planted in Jamaica nearly 15 years ago on Mr. Alfred Morrison’s farm.

Since 2009, Trees That Feed Foundation’s Mary and Mike McLaughlin, who were born, educated, and married in Jamaica, have donated more than 180,000 food bearing trees to farmers on the island.

They recently returned from a visit to meet with several Jamaican partners. Here are just a few highlights.

At Sydney Pagon STEM Academy, they toured the school’s breadfruit, cassava, and sweet potato flour factory. TTFF donated hybrid solar dehydrators, a grinder, and other equipment. Food products will feed the students and some will be sold to generate funding for the school.

Hear directly from representatives of the school in this short video. Like, share, and comment on YouTube!

(l-r) Mike McLaughlin, who designed the hybrid solar dehydrator with Northwestern University students, Mrs. Yvette Mullings, Head of the Home Economics and Agricultural Department, Mr. Milbert Miller, Principal, and Mr. Robin Rhoden, who built the solar dryers with Mike’s guidance at Sydney Pagon STEM Academy.

At Mr. Paul Lee’s nursery, Plants and Plants, Mary and Mike saw the 300 types of fruit trees he offers! TTFF purchases breadfruit, ackee, mango, avocado, jackfruit, and soursop from him to donate to local farmers.

During the visit Mr. Lee and his wife, gracious hosts, served a wonderful meal including at TTFF favorite, breadfruit salad!

Mr. Paul Lee, owner of Plants and Plants nursery, with Mike McLaughlin

Mary and Mike reviewed the collaboration with The Forestry Department of Jamaica. Forestry distributes over 20,000 fruit trees provided by TTFF annually. As Mary said of the partnership, “We are protecting the Earth for all generations to come!”

The couple was honored to accept a Forest Heroes Award from Mr. Ainsley Henry, CEO and Conservator of Forests.

Mary and Mike McLaughlin receiving an award from Ainsley Henry, CEO and Conservator of Forests

TTFF is thankful to these partners and the many others Mary and Mike work with in Jamaica. Spending time with people who share a passion for planting fruit trees for food, jobs, and the environment is a joy for them. Another thrill is being with the people whose lives TTFF is lucky enough to impact.

As always, Trees That Feed is grateful to the supporters who are helping individuals, families and communities in Jamaica and beyond!

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