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It Takes A Village… Of Volunteers

Hurricane Dorian was the worst natural disaster in Bahama’s history. When the eye made landfall on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama September 1, 2019, it ravaged the islands for 48 hours. Flooding and mass destruction left people homeless, jobless and without most of their trees. Almost all the farmers lost their livelihoods.

Trees That Feed Foundation has sent multiple shipments of breadfruit trees to assist with recovery. Local farmers, agricultural extension agents, and Rotary volunteers have all jumped in to help.

On the island of Grand Bahama, Mr. Iram Lewis, who is a member of Parliament and a former Olympian sprinter, organized community gardens where he is planting trees. He is also distributing them to farmers.

In Abaco, Josefina Curry of the Department of Agriculture and Food, has organized volunteers to plant and monitor trees.

Once again in August, 720 healthy young breadfruit trees arrived, courtesy of Karin Bolczyk, our steadfast courier. The team immediately and carefully repotted under her watchful eye.

The trees are being distributed to dozens of farmers in a great example of private and government cooperation. It is our hope that as they grow, we can build a thriving economy in these communities.

It takes a village, and TTFF is proud to be a part of this enormous effort. We’re grateful for support from the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Rotary clubs, and donors like you!


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