Trees That Feed Foundation


In addition to feeding needy families, Trees That Feed Foundation wants to see sustainable, profit-making, and food producing businesses.  First, of course, basic food needs must be met.  Once those basic needs are met, our farmers and communities would like to produce cash crops and post-harvest products with their excess fruit.  We assist by supplying processing equipment of various types. Here is what we recommend with approximate prices in US dollars:

Accessories: Trays, gloves, hairnets, knives, cleaning supplies, optional peeler, weighing scales, food safe packaging, labels = $1,500

Shredders – (Pictured) Mandoline or Nemco Shredder (with 5/16 blade) or Robot Coupe Shredder 

Dryers – (Pictured) Dehytray or TTFF Solar Dryer or Penagos Propane Dryer 

Grinders – (Pictured) Nutrimill  or Country Living Grain Mill or Penagos Grinder  


Standard Manual Factory in a Box Kit

In addition to these recommendations, we provide a Factory-in-a-Box (FIB) kit to small businesses we believe can benefit from the kit. The standard FIB kit is meant for breadfruit flour production and includes a shredder or food processor, drying racks, a grinder to mill the breadfruit shreds into flour, and accessories such as knives, gloves, packaging material labels, scale, heat sealer, and of course instructions and training.  Using our FIB kits, community groups are now producing hundreds of pounds of breadfruit flour per month.

To sponsor a large factory, contact us. Your gift of $2,000 funds a full Factory-in-a-Box kit suitable for a small co-op. Shipping, taxes, customs duty additional.

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