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The Atlantic Magazine Calls Breadfruit Remarkable

Too Few Americans Are Eating a Remarkable Fruit, The Atlantic

The Atlantic published a beautifully written piece on breadfruit! “Too Few Americans Are Eating a Remarkable Fruit” was written by Zoë Schlanger. Trees That Feed is grateful to be included!

“Organizations, including the Trees that Feed Foundation, have taken it upon themselves to support smallholder farms trying to make a way for breadfruit,” Schlanger said.

Two TTFF friends and collaborators made the story, as well. Russell Fielding is a geographer from Coastal Carolina University doing research on breadfruit. Patrick Garvey owns Grimal Grove, a breadfruit grove in Big Pine Key, Florida.

After speaking with them Schlanger said, “And thanks to climate change, this fruit may soon be coming to the southern United States in a major way for the first time.”

Later on in the article she stated, “It will take some research, but a breadfruit revolution in this country is possible.”

Schlanger has compiled a slew of interesting facts about breadfruit. She also makes the reader’s mouth water as she describes the ways people eat this delicious and versatile fruit in places like Puerto Rico.

If you have ever wondered why breadfruit is unique, this is the article to read.

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