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Trees in the Bahamas!

This past week we sent 1,000 trees to the Bahamas! Karin Bolczyk from Tissue Grown Corp., our tree supplier, kindly agreed to courier the trees from California to Nassau.

Karin Bolczyk with Sidney Carroll, owner of plant nursery in California

They arrived in seven big boxes at Nassau airport. Lots of our volunteers were standing by, ready to help! From Nassau, some trees were immediately put on another flight to Eleuthera, Andros, and Freeport.

Melissa Ingram

Melissa Ingram is our coordinator in the Bahamas as well as a volunteer. She previously led program where they planted 100,000 trees. She was integral to the success of this tree delivery.

Shomekhan Cargill

We also had help from an agricultural school teacher in Nassau, Shomekhan Cargill. Shomekhan’s school was one recipient of the trees, and they were very excited to get the trees planted!

Dr. Ancilleno Davis

Another volunteer that assisted the Bahamas delivery in Nassau, was Dr. Ancilleno Davis. Dr. Ancilleno is an environmentalist in Nassau.

Pericles Maillis and Eleuthera foundation

Eleuthera foundation was responsible for couriering trees from Nassau to Eleuthera. Pericles Maillis is a farmer who was our primary volunteer helping to deliver trees from Nassau to Andros.

Iram Lewis, Member of Parliament (MP) in the Bahamas

We also had the privilege of receiving help from former Olympian, Iram Lewis. Iram is now a member of Parliament in the Bahamas and helped us get trees from Nassau to Freeport.

Pericles Maillis planting trees

The trees are doing well and many are being planted already. Please watch the video below where our volunteer Pericles Maillis talks about the delivery, how they are planting the trees, and his hope for what the trees will mean for the Bahamas in years to come.

Our thanks go to National Tropical Botanic Garden for underwriting this project.

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