Entrepreneurship in Haiti

HaitianLadyVendor12132013February, 2014. From Eric Helgemo, our Haitian representative: Here is a nice picture of one of our new tree vendors and her nephew. She is a widow with several children, ages seven to 16. She is a street vendor and sells hot coffee heated over charcoal, and now sells trees on the side with hopes to make enough money to buy a clean propane stove for her micro business.Through providing trees to individuals, such as this vendor, TTFF is helping to build sustainable food sources and businesses.

Lots more exciting TTFF news below.  Also, please see frequent TTFF updates on our Facebook page!

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Breadfruit, a great food source

MapHere’s an article worth reading from National Geographic! Lots of information about breadfruit as a food source.  From National Geographic.

“Although obesity is in the news in the West, starvation and malnutrition are prevalent in many parts of the world. Scientists continue to search for new food sources. One of the most promising foods gaining interest is breadfruit.

This world hunger map from the article shows large overlap with areas of high hunger levels and areas with high potentials for breadfruit growth.

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How to cook breadfruit like a Jamaican

Here are a couple of links to videos showing how to prepare breadfruit, Jamaican style.



You’ll see different styles.  Either way, fresh cooked breadfruit is delicious!

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Food crisis brewing in Haiti

“Famine” sounds like an old fashioned word.  There were famine stories in the Bible, although more recently famines have occurred in war-torn parts of Africa.

Unfortunately it’s a real risk, not very far from home.  Follow the link below to this article from the Guardian newspaper, in the UK.


Trees That Feed Foundation is hurrying to plant trees there, to reforest and provide a sustainable food supply.  But from the sound of it, more is needed!

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