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2,500 Coloring Books to Jamaican Schools

Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF) has distributed 2,500 educational coloring books to schoolchildren in Jamaica.  Each 40 page book, titled Plant a Tree and Good Things Happen has sections focusing on the benefits of having fruit trees, including nutritious food, shade, carbon sequestration, soil retention and an improved local economy. As the children color each page they learn that good things can happen for the air, rivers, soil, birds, animals, and of course people and their jobs.

Trees That Feed Foundation is working in partnership with Do Good Jamaica, Dan Malone with the Peace Corps Jamaica, Paul Issa of The Issa Foundation, and BREDS/Jakes in Treasure Beach. Each leading partner will distribute the books to several schools in their local communities.  A teacher’s guide accompanies each set of books.

The book is designed by the educational arm of Trees That Feed Foundation.  Thanks go to Judy Osgood, Nancy Kurz and Gabriel Osson.  It is most suitable for ages 5 to 10.  Even adults will find it fun working with children and discussing the lessons on each page.  “Over time generations of schoolchildren will appreciate the value of fruit trees to the environment and the economy,” said Mary McLaughlin, co-founder of TTFF.

A Kreyol version is distributed in Haiti and a Spanish version is currently being developed.

6 thoughts on “2,500 Coloring Books to Jamaican Schools

  1. I am currently using these wonderful coloring books with my Grade Six students. The scientific concepts and beautiful coloring pages make for wonderful discussions. Thank you, Trees That Feed!

  2. Hello,
    What a wonderful resource! We have a mission team going to Haiti on March 7 – March 14 and we want to emphasize composting, and composting curriculum, planting trees, creating raised beds. At least these are some of our goals. We will be a Mountain Mission at Grandcoave called The Good Samaritan Project of Haiti, Inc. We are very interested in your coloring books “Plant a Tree and Good Things Will Happen”. We read on your site that you were in Jacmel Haiti and maybe these might be donated. There are about 200 kids in the mission. Also, we are interested in purchasing and planting on the mission grounds Breadfruit and Mango trees. Any information you may have will be vital and so valuable. Thank you so much! God Bless!

  3. Loving this!
    Great, practical ideas.
    Sustainable. Dignity honoring!

    How can I get copies of the coloring books for Haiti?


    Kerry Doyal
    Pastor, Christ Community Fellowship
    Sarver, PA

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