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Another one of our Heroes: Ken Banks

Ken is Manager of Marine Resources Programs for the Broward County Florida Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division.  He has vast knowledge about coral reefs, manatee conservation and marine ecosystems.  He’s also passionate about growing plants and trees.  His backyard in Southeast Florida is a horticultural collection!  And he’s been a charter boat captain, an engineer, and a marine geologist.  He is also a passionate volunteer for Trees That Feed Foundation and he brings his storehouse of knowledge to our benefit.  He’s energetic, helped us deliver breadfruit trees to the Bahamas and US Virgin Islands, and located key research for us.  For the last three years he’s hosted our booth at the Fairchild Gardens Mango Festival.   He’s quite the hero.

4 thoughts on “Another one of our Heroes: Ken Banks

  1. I met Dr. Banks by accident two years ago while searching for a Breadfruit tree plant. I was impressed with his knowledge of fruit trees and overwhelmed that someone so smart was also very humble. I subscribed to Trees That Feed and have been reading all about their work.
    God bless you for what you do.

      1. Hello; Dr Banks. This is Sophea from Chicago.
        I found you through Tree That Feed Foundation Rotary Club location in Chicago. I’m planning moving to Saint Cloud FL next Spring 2024. I’m planning doing farm on retal property in saint cloud area. I’m having my business plans on growing tropical trees such as Sugar Apples; Guava; and others. Would like to get your advise.


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