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Konparet, a tasty, healthy Haitian bun …

Konparets fresh out of the oven

And it’s even better when made with breadfruit flour!  It’s most popular in Jeremie and now is spreading all over Haiti.  Jeremie is located near the end of Haiti’s southern peninsula.  It was an active port for ships trading goods around the Caribbean and North America.  In the days before refrigeration, ships needed foods that remained good to eat over long voyages.   Konparets are tasty when fresh and still tasty days, weeks and even months later.  They are inexpensive and form a staple part of the local diet.

Konparets fresh out of the oven on cooling racks
Heartline Bakery in Port au Prince

There are various different recipes for Konparets, with each bakery keeping its formula a secret.  But the main ingredients are well known, namely flour, ginger, vanilla, grated coconut, and locally producted butter or lard. No eggs!  Now, with a steady supply of breadfruit flour to be blended into the recipe, we have reports from Pierre-moise Louis that customers prefer this new taste!

Trees That Feed Foundation is working with Pierre-moise, Charlotin Frednaud, and others, to popularize Konparets and to promote blending in breadfruit flour for special appeal.  Soon bakeries all around Haiti will be selling Konparets! TTFF predicts success for the product and better nutrition all around Haiti.

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  1. Ok Thanks for the information i think this can lown the price of bread in Mozambique and vunerable family cant aford to pay. I Will come to you next time

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