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200,000 Trees–A Big Milestone!

The good news just won’t quit!  We just issued our Annual Report (read it here). Lots of good stuff there.  But today, with delivery of 600 young breadfruit trees to Northern Caribbean University’s Dr Vincent Wright, we passed a big milestone.  We’ve delivered a total of 200,000 fruit trees to farmers, schools, church groups, NGO programs and individuals in 18 countries.

Peek at this spreadsheet. In just the past six weeks we’ve funded 2,941 trees in five countries. 6,585 this year to date.  Just over 200,000 in eighteen countries since our first shipment of 72 to Jamaica in December 2009.  This is thanks to our many supporters–some provide funding, others work hard as volunteers to get the job done. Planting fruit trees to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment.

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