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Trees That Feed Heroes: Mr. Joseph Johnson

Mr. Joseph Johnson AMr. Joseph Johnson is an academically trained agronomist who understands breadfruit cultivars and knows the best varieties to plant. He owns and operates Eltham Gardens Plant Nursery in St. Catherine, Jamaica, and serves as Chief Plant Propagation Specialist with the Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture at Bodles Research Station. TTFF secures a variety of fruit trees, including breadfruit, mango, avocado, pomegranate and cashew, from Mr. Johnson’s nursery.

In 2014, Joseph cultivated and shipped over 1,000 pomegranate plants to Haiti and handled all aspects of transport. He also just recently shipped 1,000 cashew seeds from Jamaica to Haiti.

Our hero is an innovator! Using his expertise, Joseph is working on a new way of grafting so that original roots will produce better plants. He is focusing on the June Plum, which has excellent juice. (One may argue that this juice could easily replace orange juice.)  Another one of his projects includes developing a new way of air grafting pimento (allspice).

Mr. Joseph Johnson always gets our trees to the right people, and he makes sure that they are planted properly. He is a perfect TTFF partner, hero and friend! Thank you, Joseph, for all of your help and wise advice.

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