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TIME for Breadfruit

SFA farmer getting trees AWe are excited to see breadfruit highlighted in TIME this week!Check out the article here, if you haven’t already. Josh Schonwald introduces readers to three superfoods, largely unknown in the U.S., that may just become the next big thing. Breadfruit, of course, is one. 

But what exactly is a superfood? Real superfoods possess “super-traits.” A superfood can be “high in protein, low in fat, gluten-free, loaded with omega-3s, bursting with antioxidants and overflowing with folate, fiber and phytonutrients.”
Breadfruit, as we know, is a “nutritional powerhouse…with more potassium in one cup than three bananas,” and it can help alleviate hunger for millions worldwide. Breadfruit is loaded with fiber, calcium, phosphorous, copper and other essential nutrients. Some cultivars even have high levels of beta-carotene, which makes breadfruit “a promising weapon against vitamin A deficiency, the leading cause of blindness in children.”

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