Breadfruit is delicious fresh, of course! But breadfruit is also very versatile. Everyone has their favorite recipe, and each country typically has a few favorite ways to prepare breadfruit (“Ulu” in Hawaii, “fruta de pan” in Puerto Rico).  Here are a few recipes using breadfruit flour!  We won’t try to top fresh roasted breadfruit, but you will love these tasty treats. They can be adapted for all diets, including plant-based and vegan lifestyles. Enjoy!

We’ve organized our recipes in English (Sweet then Savory, in alphabetical order), then in French or Haitian Kreyol, and finally a few videos.  Try them out and let us know what you think!

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BANANA BREAD BUNDT CAKE   Jamie and Emily have come up with a perfect cake made of breadfruit flour!


SUNSHINE ENERGY BAR  We’ve tested this recipe ourselves and it’s delicious!



COCONUT BREAD  A new combination of coconut and breadfruit!



GINGERSNAP COOKIES   Snappy cookies by Susan



MANGO BREADFRUIT BREAD   Ken Banks initially used mangoes from his Florida backyard garden for this recipe for the Fairchild Gardens Mango Festival.


MANGO COOKIES   Chicago chef Susan Taves can bake a tasty cookie!



PANCAKES   New recipe from Mary’s niece, Olivia McLaughlin! Not just for Sunday mornings–these delicious and nutritious pancakes are sure to please a crowd! 


PASSIONFRUIT BREADFRUIT COOKIE   A prominent cookbook author shows that almost any fruit will work to make a great cookie!


PIZELLES   Big thanks go to Camille George, University of St. Thomas professor, who introduced us to pizelles. This may be the best way ever to use breadfruit flour!


KIDNEY BEAN SOUP   A wonderful and filling Caribbean kidney bean vegan soup with breadfruit dumplings


MIKE’S BITES   Cheesy breadfruit bar snacks



PORRIDGE  A favorite!  Young children in over 30 schools in Haiti and Jamaica are enjoying breadfruit porridge!  This recipe by Cynthia Willis uses powdered coconut milk.


BREADFRUIT PORRIDGE WITH MILK  A classic rendition of porridge for school children, crafted by the wonderful Ivy Gordon! Thanks Ivy!

PUMPKIN DUMPLINGS   Developed in Seattle but very Jamaican.  Yummy!



ROSEMARY FRIES   by Jamaican Eats magazine, Grace Cameron, Ed.


SALMON FRITTERS  Created by Susan Brooks


STAMP AND GO  New flour, old recipe, tastes even better! Saltfish fritters.



VEGETARIAN BURGER   A tasty Vegan burger.  Recipe created by Caroline Banks


The next few recipes are in French and nicely suited for Haitian tastes!








Susan Kissel’s Breadfruit Macaroon Video 

Susan’s Breadfruit Junkanoo Video

Susan’s Ginger Snaps Video

Susan’s Mike’s Bites Video

Susan’s Pizelle Video

Roti Pocket Video

Drying and preserving breadfruit by turning it into flour retains all the nutrition of the fresh fruit, and has a very long shelf life.  AND breadfruit is gluten free!  Now we can have breadfruit products all year round, not just in the bearing season. There will be more recipes to come.  Meanwhile, we are working hard to increase the supply of breadfruit flour locally and exported.