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Breadfruit Yield Study Report Issued

Fruit count was observed every 2 weeks for 12 months. The graph shows the number of immature fruit on this specific tree at each observation date.

We conducted this research with the help of college students we monitored 50 breadfruit trees in Jamaica for 12 months to provide farmers with yield data to make good business decisions. Our draft report on breadfruit yield and seasonality in Jamaica is now released.  Big thanks go to our donors and academic sponsors!  Although still in draft form, there’s quite a bit of interesting information.  For example, one of the 52 trees in the study yielded almost 400 fruits in a year, although the average is closer to 154. Fertilizer increases yield hugely, a 91 percent increase according to our study. The main bearing season typically runs May through August, at least in Portland.  Click here to see our map and read the full report.

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