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Solar Dryer Engineering Drawings Ready!

Hybrid solar dryer engineering drawing
Hybrid solar dryer engineering drawing

Thanks to Northwestern University’s Engineering School, Dr. Stacy Benjamin, and Allison O’Donnell, we now have detailed engineering drawings completed!  These are available to anyone who want to consider construction of their own solar dryer.  Remember, it’s suitable for dehydrating breadfruit or really any other fruit, to preserve them for later consumption.  The dryer can also rely on a small propane heater, for those cloudy days when solar heat along isn’t sufficient.

We have drawings plus extensive detailed spec sheets.  Click here for a preview.   Contact us for more information.

4 thoughts on “Solar Dryer Engineering Drawings Ready!

  1. What type of CAD file is a *.prt? I have AutoCAD, can convert newer CAD files to be compatible with an older version, and can print CAD files to PDF.

    If anyone has these drawing files in a *.dwg format, I’d love to get them to build this solar dryer.

  2. I love the graphics throughout the preview. Have you had a lot of success with the wind turbine?

    1. The wind turbine supplements the solar fan to make sure enough air flows through. You need air flow to transport the moisture away. Some builders used a chimney instead of a turbine and that works too.

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