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Dr. Kwesi Agwani: A Hero in Ghana

Dr. Kwesi Agwani plants breadfruit trees in Ghana.
Dr. Kwesi Agwani

In Ghana, Dr. Kwesi Agwani is passing it on with a grateful heart! “It” in this case is help for humanity.

Kind benefactors including John Hammond and Harry Inman supported Dr. Agwani as he worked through Master and PhD programs.

In the United Kingdom, Mr. Hammond had a breadfruit dream, and he asked Dr. Agwani to carry it out in Ghana.

A food demonstration

Accordingly, in his graduate school project, he helped farmers grow breadfruit.

Now, as he has for the past decade, Dr. Agwani works for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. His dedication to breadfruit is unwavering.

After John Hammond passed away, his family founded an NGO in his memory called Breadfruit Line. John’s son, Robert Hammond, began working with Dr. Agwani on new planting projects.

Though Rob passed away in 2022, Dr. Kwesi Agwani continues the family’s mission with passion.

He has helped introduce breadfruit to the palate of Ghanaians by organizing numerous food demonstrations. At markets, people are shown how breadfruit can be prepared steamed, mashed, or even as chips! In all ways, breadfruit is being well accepted.

The next step, Dr. Agwani says, is to use breadfruit to feed the children of Ghana!

3 thoughts on “Dr. Kwesi Agwani: A Hero in Ghana

  1. I am so proud of you Dr Kwesi. I remember you sharing this idea with me back in university days. You have stood the test of time and your resilience has brought you this far. Keep soaring

  2. Dr Kwesi Angwani thanks for your passion and hard work for breadfruit. We have the palate for breadfruit

  3. Job well done Dr. Agwani. Your legacy will live on through all the days of time. I will be traveling to Ghana this October. I would love to meet you.

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