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Heroes in Ghana

In Central Ghana…

Planted four years ago, 1,000 trees in Central Ghana bore plentiful breadfruit this month.

A picture speaks a thousand words. One of them is LEGACY.

Mr. Robert Hammond learned about the power of breadfruit from his father, John Hammond, who held a strong conviction that breadfruit trees can help alleviate poverty and promote self-sufficiency.

John found this passion in West Africa. He passed it on to the next generations of his family. Upon his death, they started Breadfruit Line, a nonprofit in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Kwesi Aloysius Agwani (right) helping with harvest.

Rob began working with a friend of his father’s, Kwesi Aloysius Agwani, PhD, a local agronomist. In 2018, they distributed 1,000 breadfruit trees to 50 farmers in the central region of Ghana.

Ms. Victoria Abankwa and Mr. Dela Hubert Fiawoo also contributed to the project. The group provided training to the farmers and continually monitored the trees. Mr Gershon Wodzrah, retired Central Regional Director of Agriculture, did a lot for the shipping and receiving of the plants into the country. Rob returned several times and was an integral part of the work.

Unfortunately, Rob passed away in 2022. But his legacy lives on in Ghanaian farmers and their families. Just think of how much food and economic activity 1,000 trees will continue to create for decades to come!

Mr. Gershon Wodzrah with Mr. Robert Hammond (right)

TTFF Co-Founder Mary McLaughlin shared the initial results of this important work with Rob’s brother, Nigel Hammond. We enjoyed hearing from him about additional charitable works Rob carried out in other parts of the world.

In our office, it’s not all about TTFF. We want to recognize the efforts of everyone who spreads the benefits of breadfruit. A big thank you to the Hammond family, including the trustees of Breadfruit Line, Paul, Martin, Nigel, and Amy Hammond.

We also extend our gratitude to Dr. Agwani, with whom we are working on another shipment of breadfruit trees!

In Northern Ghana…

Farmers learn about syntropic agroforestry and plant breadfruit trees in their own plots.

Another hero TTFF would like to recognize is a dedicated partner named Mary Johnson. She is the founder and CEO of Regenerative Farms, which organizes regeneration “hubs” on several continents. Mary’s team is propelled by the need to combat climate change and curb hunger.

In Northern Ghana, Mary is working in the Adzokoe Peki in South Dayi District with Center for Sustainable Communities, which supports empowerment and training of women farmers.

This month they introduced Syntropic Agroforestry to more than 30 women and nine men. Participants of the seminar received breadfruit trees to plant in their agroforestry plots.

Currently, Mary of Regenerative Farms and Mary of Trees That Feed are collaborating to distribute many more breadfruit trees in the area.

Selling breadfruit at farmers markets.

While breadfruit was just a concept in Ghana in the not-too-distant past, now people in these parts of it are becoming familiar with breadfruit and feeling the effects of its advantages.

It’s all due to the heroic actions of people like these – people like you.

We honor all who are part of the breadfruit renaissance!

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