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Vodka Distilled from Breadfruit!

Award-winning chef Todd Manley, based in the US Virgin Islands, has launched a fabulous new product based on breadfruit.  Vodka!  Vodka is traditionally made from potatoes, but we at Trees That Feed Foundation often call breadfruit “a potato on a tree” because it’s also a nutritious carbohydrate food.  So Todd had the idea to make vodka from breadfruit!  And today is the big product launch!

Samples are on the way to major distributors as we speak.

We love breadfruit and knew it was very versatile … but this is amazing!

Todd’s company will support Trees That Feed Foundation with a contribution for every bottle sold!

Read the full press release here.

3 thoughts on “Vodka Distilled from Breadfruit!

  1. This is wonderful news! So great to see the versatility of breadfruit truly put to practice. Love the pictures on MUTINY’s website, I would love to visit their distillery sometime.

  2. Excellent news I have used the breadfruit in my deli meat shop and have been able to make different types of food product using the versatile breadfruit but when I heard about your idea on making vodka with it , it blew my mind , yet another way in using this wonderfull fruit , if you see it posible I will like to make vodka in Puerto Rico any advice on the matter , of course with your approval ,
    Carlos Pesquera

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