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Superman, Wonder Woman. . .and Breadfruit?

firstbreadfruitemailJuly 1st, 2014. According to the Huffington Post, “Watch out folks, there’s a new wonder food in town, and it promises to make a big difference to the world.”

Breadfruit has picked up a lot of media traction this week, and it is being touted as a new wonder food that has the potential to feed the world. Here at Trees That Feed Foundation, we couldn’t be more excited to be reading this! While we know that breadfruit itself isn’t new, the global pick-up of the idea that it can be used to help alleviate world hunger is fantastic news and indicates new growth in potential of breadfruit. No one should perish from hunger when a $15 breadfruit tree can feed a family for a lifetime.

More and more people around the world are talking about breadfruit as a key ingredient for the solution in addressing hunger and providing food for those who need it most. Join the conversation and check out this week’s media pieces about breadfruit, the coolest new global super-hero, below:

Breadfruit: The Wonder Food Packed With Carbs and Protein That Could Feed the World – Huffington Post

Recipes for an unexpected tropical wonder food – New Scientist

Is this the new wonder food? Breadfruit is high in protein and has the potential to feed the world, experts say – Daily Mail

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