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Raul Bermudez: A Hero in Trinidad

Raul Bermudez is a longtime friend and breadfruit hero to Trees That Feed Foundation.  He is a retiree living in Trinidad working tirelessly to promote breadfruit and alleviate hunger.  Motivated by the many benefits of breadfruit and his concern for the poor, he is a good Samaritan on a mission.

In October 2015 Raul planted his first breadfruit tree in his own yard and has been enjoying its fruit since 2018.  Plant a tree and eat for free!  Raul would like to see a breadfruit tree in every yard and in every schoolyard.  In this quest, he has donated over 8,000 breadfruit trees while encouraging others to give breadfruit trees as gifts through good works and his organization

A bushfire in Trinidad and Tobago on April 10, 2024, prompted a huge tree planting when Mr. Riyadh Mohammed, a coconut farmer, lost 1000 coconut trees that were just beginning to bear fruit.  It devastated his family and livelihood.  Social media to the rescue . . . a Facebook post asking for volunteers netted hundreds of responses and over 300 volunteers.  Raul purchased breadfruit trees from TTFF to donate to the effort.  A variety of trees were donated by 20 individuals and a few contributed financial support.  One thousand trees were planted!

Raul has written a wonderful children’s book titled The Breadfruit Three about love, resilience, hope, and the transformative power of breadfruit.  Here is one of our favorite parts of the book.

This man is a true breadfruit champion!  Thank you, Raul, for all you do for your nation and for the breadfruit community!


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