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Randi and Afia are off to Jamaica

MinnHumphreyLogoJune 5th, 2014. Two graduate students from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Randi and Afia, have officially kicked off their summer fieldwork project with Trees That Feed Foundation! The project is a collaboration between Trees That Feed Foundation, College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE), Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA) and other partnering organizations in Jamaica. Randi and Afia will be traveling throughout Jamaica for six weeks, working on gathering information to improve livelihoods of rural farmers and increase food security through the cultivation and use of breadfruit trees in Jamaica.The project is divided into two broad areas: A socio-economic portion that focuses on identifying and effectively linking farmers, extension officers, and processors in the breadfruit industry, and an agro-ecology portion that focuses on assessing the baseline survivability rate of donated breadfruit trees throughout the island. Randi and Afia will be working on geo-tagging these TTFF trees with farmers throughout the country. Their experience in Jamaica will be invaluable, and we are looking forward to posting updates about their findings during their trip!

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