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Partner Spotlight: Support Roatan

Pop Quiz: Where is Roatan?

That’s right, Honduras! It’s 35-40 miles off the northern coast, to be precise. This island is just 48 miles long and less than 5 miles across at its widest point.

We were lucky to find an amazing group there called Support Roatan!

Support Roatan is building the foundations of better, more sustainable livelihoods through tree planting, breadfruit agroforestry, microbusiness development, and public awareness campaigns. See why we love them?!

Trees That Feed Foundation and Support Roatan have partnered up to plant breadfruit trees. We also jointly distribute the Spanish-English version of our educational activity book, Plant A Tree And Good Things Happen.

One neat program by Support Roatan in 2022 challenged students to complete all the lessons in our book. Once they did, they each received a fruit tree! The group also planted trees on school grounds.

In this way, kids are being educated in the classroom about the importance of food bearing trees, as well as outside of it. They’re learning by doing as they become caretakers of the trees. The whole family benefits when the trees bear nutritious food in the backyard.

Follow-up is as important to Support Roatan as it is to us. The group revisits the trees they’ve planted to make sure they’re thriving. If the trees have not survived, then they adapt their plans.

During 2023, the group is planning for expansion in several areas. TTFF is now donating our second batch of trees and books!

A HUGE thank you to Dean Milverton and Support Roatan!
And thank you, friends, for enabling us to do this important work.

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