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Here’s what we’ve done in 2018 …

Trees That Feed Foundation 2018 Achievements
Here’s what we’ve done in 2018!

… thanks to you and your support!  It’s a lot in just one year.  Your donations, your volunteer efforts, have all helped.  You’ve been talking about us, spreading our news, and “liking” our social media.  Thanks!  Word of mouth is our best advertising.  As the word spreads, more people will become aware of the benefits of planting trees, especially fruit trees, and will start to take action!  We get by with a little help from our friends!

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    1. Schools and orphanages combined, approximately 24 in Haiti and a similar number in Jamaica. We support them with nutritious breadfruit-based porridge and we supply educational coloring books. Both programs are continuing into 2019!

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