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Dryer Design: Part 2

Here’s the next stage!Dryer Part 2

The solar dryer comprises four modules: the collector(s), lower cabinet, upper cabinet and roof. The collectors get warm in the sun, and warm air flows into the cabinet. The cabinet (lower portion) gathers the warm air from the collectors and directs it upwards. So, each of the heat collectors feeds into this lower portion, which is now mostly complete. The upper portion of the cabinet holds the shelves which carry the fruit. As warm air rises through the cabinet, it dries the fruit.dryer part 2 pic 2

The fourth module is the roof which protects against rain and augments t
he natural convection. The roof will hold a solar exhaust fan to transport moist air out, and so drying out the fruit. We think this solar dryer will work for breadfruit, mango, paw paw and other fruit, depending on the season. Stay tuned for our next dryer update!

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