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Breadfruit is going big! (We told you so!)

Congratulations to Patagonia Provisions, who today launched their line of breadfruit crackers!  This promises to be a great product, already available online. In fact TTFF has already placed an online order (maybe we’re the first?)!

Watch their video about breadfruit (called Ulu in the Pacific), learn more about agroforests, and maybe order some crackers.

As most of you know TTFF has planted over 100,000 breadfruit trees … with some support, actually, from Patagonia Provisions, to whom we are grateful.  We are delighted to see this superfood gaining popularity.

4 thoughts on “Breadfruit is going big! (We told you so!)

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  2. I live in the U.S., but I am interested in planting breadfruit trees in my birth country of Liberia. Is it possible for you to tell me exactly where and how I can obtain seeds for planting.

    1. Hello and thanks for your interest in breadfruit. Unfortunately we have no contacts in Liberia. You may be able to locate a fruit tree nursery there that can help you. Just one point, breadfruit does not propagate from seeds. In the wild it propagates from suckers. Good luck!

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