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Arbor Day 2020

Earth Day was yesterday and Arbor Day is tomorrow. These two days are cousins … closely related.  Earth Day is now 50 years old while Arbor Day started back in 1872!

Zavier Gray, Jamaica, nurturing a baby breadfruit tree

Some of you may have received our Earth Day message.  Briefly, we likened the Earth to a spaceship, a closed system where really there are no new resources arriving, and waste products never go very far away!  Let’s be careful as we use resources and try to minimize waste.

We think planting trees is a great way to help.  They take care of our air, water, soil, food and habitat. And create jobs along the way!

One suggestion for those of us confined at home by the coronavirus … plant a tree.  Take an apple seed, mango seed, any kind of seed. Plant it in a small pot, water it, plant it near a window, and watch it every day while you’re stuck at home.  Take a picture every 2 or 3 days.  You’ll see Mother Nature in action.  We’re running a little competition doing exactly this in the Caribbean in partnership with CariPhil Alliance.

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