Trees That Feed Foundation

Annual Report 2022-2023

Trees That Feed Foundation’s new annual report is here!

Our theme in this year’s Annual Report is Adaptation. We’re planting a hedge (get it?) against climate change, with fruit trees. Breadfruit trees especially when planted in agroforests help us to adapt to the future. They build climate resilience, food independence and economic activity. Our supporting programs help to ensure the fruit trees to live and thrive into fruiting maturity in just a few years.

Learn in our report how we’re helping governments gain food security for their countries. See the equipment we supply to give agribusinesses a boost. Discover the results of scientific research and how we educate. See more and more breadfruit products coming to market. Review our facts and figures. And see how we monitor our programs to make sure they are effective!

Whether we are planting fruit trees, feeding people, building agribusinesses, or providing environmental education, our supporters are always on our minds. The life-altering work you read about in this report all happens thanks to your help.

We hope you feel pride in making our mission a reality for the thousands of people we help, now in over 20 countries in Central America, the Caribbean region and Africa. This report is just a sampling of the changes we’ve made together.

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