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Amasar Wins with Breadfruit Breakfast

Congratulations to Marisol Villalobos, president and co-founder of Puerto Rico’s Amasar, LLC! This week her Breadfruit Pancake and Waffle Mix won a globally recognized SOFI Award from the Specialty Food Association. It was named the Best New Product in the Breakfast Category!

Amasar is an agribusiness that develops its products from the ground up. Marisol and her husband, co-founder Jesus Martes, along with their team, have planted hundreds of breadfruit trees. They also have partnerships with Puerto Rican schools and small farmers to produce breadfruit. With it, they process their own flour and other goods.

Marisol is passionate about educating people on the benefits of breadfruit. She emphasizes the importance of developing this crop in Puerto Rico to improve nutrition and create a healthy ecosystem. Always acting toward sustainability, she and Jesus established renewable energy programs along with their agroforestry and agroecology practices.

Just like Trees That Feed, Amasar is feeding people, creating jobs, educating, and benefiting the environment. We’re truly proud of this ongoing partnership!

You can purchase Amasar’s Breadfruit Pancake and Waffle Mix and other products here.

Marisol Villalobos and Jesus Martes, co-founders of Amasar, celebrate their SOFI Award at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York.

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