Short Story Competition 2019-20

Announcing winners of the 2019-2020 competition!

First Prize $250: “By the Grace of Breshay” by Oraine Campbell

Second Prize $100: “Bresheh King” by Lesley-Ann Wanliss

Runner-up Prizes $50: Alexi Brown, Kodi-Ann Brown, Jordan Garvey, Tajah Winkle

Short Story Competition in honor of Joan E. McLaughlin

Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF) and Gloria Lyn Memorial Fund (GLMF) are sponsoring a literature contest. This competition honors two inspiring UWI educators who loved the written word.  Joan McLaughlin is Mary McLaughlin’s mother-in-law, and Gloria Lyn is Cathy Lyn’s mother.  Mary is co-founder of TTFF and Cathy is co-founder of GLMF.  Both Joan and Gloria attended the University as mature students. Joan went first, back in 1962, then became a lecturer who taught Gloria in 1966.  Later Gloria also went on to become a lecturer at UWI.  They particularly enjoyed teaching the wonderful stories of Jamaican folklore and promoting literature. Both women have passed on but their memory lingers as literature continues to transform lives.


Lynn Kelso, Judy Osgood, Fred Kennedy

Prizes sponsored by Mary and Mike McLaughlin