Breadfruit Logistics Study

Here is our breadfruit logistics study, funded by a grant from Patagonia.  The intent is to facilitate sale and purchase of breadfruit, to put buyers and sellers together, in order to improve local market efficiency. 

Conducted by TTFF representative Syran Stewart, preliminary results are being shared.  Final results are expected later in 2019.

Expand the map and you’ll be able to select various data points, zoom in, and find the details embedded in each data point.

We’ve plotted 140 data points on this map focused on Jamaica’s Rio Grande Valley, in the parish of Portland.  This area of Jamaica is a very happy place for breadfruit trees.  Check each point on this map and you’ll see where farms are located, each with at least 10 – 15 breadfruit trees, some with many more.  Over 4,000 breadfruit trees can be located on this map!