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Breadfruit Yield Study in Jamaica, 2018-20

How bountiful is a breadfruit tree? Eveybody has a different answer.  “Lots of fruit!”  “Hundreds!”  But no one really seems to know.  So how could anyone make a business decision around breadfruit farming as an industry, with only vague information.

Trees That Feed Foundation, in cooperation with the College of Agriculture, Science & Education in Jamaica, and with support from Conservation, Food & Health Foundation in Boston, is conducting a pioneering quantitative study on breadfruit yield.  In fact the study has completed its first full year! There are a number of interesting findings.  For example, one of the 52 trees in the study yielded almost 400 fruits in a year.  Fertilizer increases yield hugely, a 91 percent increase according to our study.  The main bearing season typically runs May through August, at least in Portland, with a second, smaller season around February to March.

For much more detail read the full report here.

The map below shows the locations of some of the trees in the study.

Additional detail will be provided in the future, including the detailed data underlying the study.

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