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Our mission is planting trees to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment.  We work to see communities in developing countries with sustainable food sources, accessible markets for excess food production, increased jobs and an improved, reforested environment. Many tropical countries experience hunger, yet many species of trees produce edible fruit. High-yield, food-bearing trees can help to improve nutrition and provide long-term independence from food imports and agrochemicals. 

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Our approach is to provide sustainable food sources to communities through fruit-bearing trees. We provide the best varieties of these trees, while being sensitive to the environment. We supply trees, equipment, training, and help develop local marketplaces.  Most of our work thus far has been planting breadfruit trees in Jamaica, Haiti and throughout the Caribbean. Above is a map of where TTFF trees are in Jamaica, and below is an image of where TTFF trees have been distributed thus far in Haiti.

We assist subsistence farmers in transforming their fields into agro-forests, where required. We encourage planting shade-tolerant trees under canopies of larger, fruit-bearing trees. We avoid trees that are invasive or genetically engineered, and focus on those that require minimal use of fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals. To leverage our efforts, we collaborate with local partners, including government bodies, NGOs, co-operatives, service clubs, churches, schools and community associations.

A Breadfruit Tree


Trees That Feed Foundation has provided over 60,000 trees throughout the globe, with thousands more on the way. We’ve supplied equipment and partnered with dozens of other organizations. We are very excited to expand our program as we continue to grow.

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