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Read Our 2019-20 Annual Report

Hot off the Press!  Our very latest Annual Report is out!

In 2019 we provided nearly 25,000 high quality fruit trees in Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda! And there’s much more news. Africa, Haiti, other countries, lots of  stories.  Read about our partner organizations, see some heart warming Thank You notes, and get the facts and figures behind our work.

Click here to read it all.

And of course a great big THANKS to you, our supporters, who make our work possible!



2 thoughts on “Read Our 2019-20 Annual Report

  1. Good morning from Alaska! I have wanted to contact you since learning about your organization. I have a most gregarious friend who plants trees. She has been planting a variety of trees for approximately 3 years. She plants, guava, lemon, mango, many other varieties. She also plants redwood and other kinds native to her country, Zambia.

    My delightful friend has a charisma about her that pulls people into her passion for tree planting and working towards environmental protection issues. My friend is Namwaka Maluka Mufaya.

    Namwaka has established a large group of followers from the USA, UK, Canada, and many other countries through the world. They help with support of encouragement and financial. She realized she couldn’t move forward until she obtained a borehole for her village and also for maintenance of her planted trees. She raised $14,000 for the desperately needed borehole, and accessories. This was of unimaginable value to her relatives, friends, and the people of her village.

    Namwaka would like to move forward helping to advance her villagers in becoming self sufficient. This village, Silundu, located in Malundu has 16 children. It’s important to invest in the children’s education, in learning the importance of growing their own foods, respect for Nature, and so many other values.

    We are hoping you will consider looking into this project. Please, find some value here and also see our need. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful project! At the moment we don’t have fruit tree distribution capability in Zambia. We will certainly keep you in mind if that changes in the future.

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