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Hardcover book available now!

This past week we put our first hardcover book on the market.

Breadfruit Stories: A tree’s journey from Tahiti to the West Indies, 1760s to 1840s, authored by Michael Morrissey and published by TTFF, is now available on Amazon! When you buy a copy on Amazon, Trees That Feed receives a small royalty.

The book documents the journey of breadfruit into the West Indies, beyond the tales of Captain Bligh and the mutiny on The Bounty and is filled from cover to cover with crisp and colorful photos. Learn about history, botany, and geography in this fun, entertaining, and easy to read book!

Published using Kindle Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Hardcover book available now!

  1. I do not have the book, though it looks very interesting, so my question may be moot. But I am wondering if you are aware of Breadnut as a food source. It is the seeded variety of Breadfruit, same species but selected over generations for high seed content. (What we know as breadfruit went the other way, for no seeds.) The seeds are delicious and more nutritious than the more starchy breadfruit. They are a bit like chestnuts, and can be roasted or boiled. It also allows propagation by seed, instead of suckers. The trees are of course similar in size and everything else, since they are the same species.

    1. Hello. We are well aware of breadnut. Some communities really like it, others really dislike it for the exact same reason … many seeds. Interestingly breadnut seeds can be milled along with the rest of the fruit to produce a nutritious flour.

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