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TTFF Partners Withstand Crisis in Haiti

You have undoubtedly heard about the dismal situation in Haiti. High levels of poverty, malnutrition, gang violence, and crime have only worsened since last year’s assassination of the president. Out of the crisis has come a realization for Trees That Feed Foundation…

Even when a country is in collapse, our work endures!

In partnership with some amazing Haitians, and with your support, TTFF has created pockets in the country where people are NOT going hungry. They have food-bearing trees, as well as a developed economy that sustains itself.

TTFF partners growing breadfruit trees, processing breadfruit flour, and baking konparets and other breadfruit products across Haiti.

One challenge our partners face is transportation. They tell us that the cost of gas is equivalent to $40 per gallon. It is only available on the black market in quarts. Traveling is risky since gangs control the main roads. But we have brave and determined friends who, for example, take a motorbike on back roads to deliver konparets (breadfruit-based buns) to children in local schools and orphanages.

Cross-country travel is impossible. However, because of these TTFF pockets, it is not necessary. Trees are grown within the community. Breadfruit is dried and flour is made within the community. And particularly in areas of our Women’s Empowerment Program, konparets are sold throughout the community.

Of course, konparets are just one of the many substantial, nutritious products made from breadfruit. But it all staves off hunger and malnutrition.

Longtime TTFF partner Charlotin Frednaud delivering breadfruit komparets to children.

We check in on our Haitian partners frequently, lamenting the hard times and celebrating successes together.

Here is one uplifting video we received recently of young men singing a hit song about breadfruit! They say that they prefer eating it to rice and that other products are too expensive. We say, “Breadfruit to the rescue!”

Here is another video we received of a young entrepreneur who has made a business out of breadfruit. We hear this story more and more often.

We’re thankful that our partners are withstanding these catastrophic times. We feel immense gratitude for their dedication to the work – and to you, for yours! These positive outcomes belong to every person who is a part of this cause.

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