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Reducing post-harvest waste

truck with breadfruit AFeeding Development, hosted by Devex,recently posted an article that poses the question of whether or not we can double net food availability to meet food needs by 2050and still have a living planet.

“Most experts predict that the global population will exceed 9 billion by 2050…To meet the increasing needs of everyone in developing and developed countries alike, accounting for a changing climate, we will need to double net food availability…The bottom line is: Can we do this and still have a living planet?

…One of the simplest ways to increase net food availability is to reduce post-harvest and post-consumer food waste. Globally, we waste one of every three calories produced. If we could eliminate waste, we would halve the amount of new food we need to produce by 2050.”

Reducing post-harvest waste is highlighted as one simple way to increase net food availabilty; exactly what TTFF sets to accomplish with our partnership with Northwestern University. Equipment distributed as part of Factory-in-a-Box, developed by TTFF and Nortwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, allows for up to 1,200lbs of breadfruit flour to be produced per week, preventing potential for post-harvest fruit going to waste.

Check out more of the article here.


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