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Partner Authors Report on Haiti Project

Published in the Journal of Global Health Reports, this fascinating article looks back over accomplishments and forward to opportunities in Haiti and beyond!

Five years ago, the author of the report, John Klyver, was a Global Health Fellow for Medical Missionaries in Tomassique, Haiti. While volunteering at Saint Joseph’s Clinic, he witnessed the malnutrition, economic hardship, and food insecurity of the area. He also saw a solution: the breadfruit trees donated by Trees That Feed Foundation that were growing around the clinic.

John raised funds to pay for an agronomist to grow and multiply the trees. The project flourished. TTFF now purchases trees and donates them back so they can be distributed to local farmers. The group is also making breadfruit flour to feed the children and educating the community on the benefits of breadfruit trees.

Now a medical student, John has written a report that was published in the Journal of Global Health Reports titled Addressing malnutrition and food insecurity with breadfruit in a rural, developing country: a case study and lessons learned in Thomassique, Haiti.

Both intriguing and informative, it is a must-read! Click here now.

Wiscard-Kardin LaPais,
agronomist at Saint Joseph’s
Clinic in Thomassique, Haiti


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