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Interesting research paper on Breadfruit nutrition

A research team from the University of Hawaii recently published a paper in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis.  Titled “The response of breadfruit nutrition to local climate and soil: A review”, the team reports some interesting findings. Well, not surprising we think — breadfruit nutrition is affected by climate and soils — but maybe not exactly what we thought!  Specifically:

– Stressed trees (too cold, too dry, etc.) have higher concentration of starches, higher energy density, and more vitamins

– Micro- and macro-nutrient concentrations don’t appear to be affected by climate or soils

– These results suggest that the conditions that support high productivity (well watered, warm, etc.) may support lower nutrition

Read the full paper here.

Trees That Feed wants to acknowledge the pioneering work of our colleagues in academia.  While we’re planting trees, they’re doing the research we need to understand the full potential of the beautiful breadfruit!

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