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Breadfruit Flour Factory, Jeremie, Haiti

This is the Jeremie, Haiti, breadfruit factory under construction.  It may not be as large as Trump Tower, but it’s equally impressive to us!  Pierre-moise Louis and Renel Pierre are

Jeremie Breadfruit Factory
Jeremie Breadfruit Factory

our two heroes.  Bright young entrepreneurs, they produce over 400 pounds of breadfruit flour monthly, and distribute it to six locations, schools, churches and hospitals.

Trees That Feed Foundation could not be more proud of these young men.  They have already started to outgrow their current location and equipment.  Several donors have requested that their contributions go toward this very worthwhile work.

Very young farmer
Very young farmer with breadfruit tree

TTFF is tracking the donations and now selecting the right equipment to provide.

They also have a tree nursery and they supply fruit trees, breadfruit and many other varieties, to folks in the region surrounding Jeremie.

Congratulations, gentlemen!

9 thoughts on “Breadfruit Flour Factory, Jeremie, Haiti

  1. Keep it up! Given the circumstances in HAiti, this is amazing. Thanks to Trees That Fee Foundation for their contribution to make this work.

  2. Hello
    I would like to be put in contact with these two youg men.
    I need their help to find machines to transform Breadfruit into flour.
    Thank You very much!
    Best regards

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